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About us


Atlantis’ objective is to create sustainable environmental solutions, turning major environmental problems into rejuvenated assets that enhance water quality and reduce or eliminate contaminated water discharge.

Our Approach

The Atlantis approach is modern, holistic, and creative resulting in a more natural and environmentally, sustainable design.

Environmental Compliance

The Atlantis system guarantees compliance with environmental regulations, even in the most difficult and sensitive locations, thereby avoiding costly legal cases.

Strategic Alliances

Our strategies include partnering with customers to develop the specific customized solutions, anticipating, and meeting their development needs while, at the same time, repairing or protecting the environment in a manner, which makes economic sense for all parties involved in urban development. Atlantis incorporates all environmental considerations when analysing development design. Our multi-skilled team of environmental engineers, landscape architects and biologists work together to solve customers’ problems in an ethical and holistic way.

Why Us?

  • Original Inventors of the first ever drainage cell.
  • Longest standing company in the industry.
  • Ability to meet demands with dozens of stockists in Australia and Worldwide.
  • Highest quality products sourced from recycled materials.
  • Extensive documentation for all of our products and services.
  • Streamlined project flow from consultancy to design to installation.




Happy Customers


Years Experience

Atlantis Systems

We do vertical gardens, roof gardens, drainage systems, permeable pavers and underground water tanks all over the world!

Since 1986 Atlantis has introduced innovative products that created industry standards in the landscape and stormwater sectors worldwide. We are the inventor of the Atlantis drainage cell and flat pack modular tanks that are in use in over 50 countries!

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens for any type of interior or exterior space. Our system generates optimum moisture retention for plants and allows easy access for individual maintenance of each pot.

Permeable Paving

Prevent flooding of streets and parking lots with the Atlantis infiltration paver system. It is made of rigid, compression-resistant recycled polypropylene cells designed to house gravel and protect grass.

Landscape Void Fill

Atlantis provides lightweight and durable product with excellent compressive strength. It can be designed in a variety of configurations for green roofs, landscaping, slope management, embankments, podiums and extensive garden creation. 

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Trench Drainage

Our products can be easily interconnected to achieve the length and detention volume required for each project. They meet the goal of infiltration at source that keeps debris out of the water ways. 

Drainage Systems

The Atlantis drainage system manages excess water efficiently, while also retaining optimal humidity levels ideal for promoting grass or plant growth. Our Flo-Cell® products can be configured vertically or horizontally to capture and manage water flow; a true value-add to waterproofing any roof garden project. 

Underground Water Tanks

The Atlantis® Modular Tanks are subsurface, groundwater infiltration systems capable of infilling old ditches or detention ponds for better footprint and environmentally safe land use. They can be used to collect rainwater to be reused or safely re-entered into nature’s waterways; a highly efficient tool for stormwater management in any type of soil. 

Atlantis Projects

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