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Blockage Prevention Pipe Inserts

The construction process can have a lasting impact on the plumbing infrastructure. The process of new construction or renovation creates a significant amount of waste including sawdust, nails, glue, welding slag, tilers grout, oils, grease and other construction material. If this ends up in the drain pipes it can cause major issues for your drainage. 

With Blockades these problems are over. Blockade is easily installed during the construction process and can be removed prior to the pipes final connection!

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• Prevent Debris Blocking Pipes 

• Allows water to flow without debris entering the pipe system 

• Can be used to set tiling cement screed heights by allowing screed to be formed in a perfect cylinder shape, suiting floor floor waste at any height without debris entering piping. Easily removed when the screed has dried 

• Save thousands from preventing unforeseen blockages

Blockades Specifications

Blockades Installations