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A Green Primary Car Park

26.10.21 01:05 AM By Isabel

The council at Beaudesert goes green with Atlantis St Mary Primary School Beaudesert Qld. wanted to build a car parking area, but the local council would not permit the building of an impermeable parking area. Atlantis came up with the solution - the Atlantis® Turf Cell™ 52mm drainage cell together with an under drain formed by our 30mm drainage cell. Firstly the area for the parking area was excavated to the required depth and a layer of sub grade was compacted there on. A layer of Atlantis® Flo-cell® 30mm drainage cell was placed on the compacted sub grade, to form a conduit for the lateral drainage of water to side drains, and covered with a layer of Atlantis™ geotextile. A compacted layer of good permeable soil covered the geotextile and a layer of the Atlantis® Turf Cell™ 52mm drainage cells was placed on the good permeable soil layer and filled with top soil and turf placed on top of that. 

To ensure intimate contact between the roots and the soil within the 52mm drainage cell, the turf was rolled with a heavy roller to press the roots into the soil within the drainage cell. The turf chosen was Winter Green Turf also known as Palmetto Buffalo Grass. The high structural strength of the Atlantis® Turf Cell™ 52mm drainage cell, permitted constant vehicular traffic, while preventing any compaction of the soil, allowing for vigorous horizontal and vertical root growth within the 52mm drainage cell creating a lush lawn and permitting surface water absorption and infiltration. While the 30mm under drain ensures that there was adequate drainage, to remove excess water.

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