Atlantis Corporation Australia

Sea Spray Caravan Park - Gravel Cell®

By - Isabel
16.08.21 11:40 PM
  • Project Location: Sea Spray Caravan Park, WA - Australia
  • Project Details: Gravel Cell® installation for a Caravan Park
  • Distributor: DS Agencies
  • Completion Date: April 2009

The Atlantis® Gravel Cell® is an open lattice structure designed to transfer loads across the interlocking units to reduce dynamic load impact from vehicular traffic. The modular cells were filled with blue metal to provide the desired finish. They contain almost 50% voids, allowing rain and storm water to effortlessly soak into the surrounding soil.

The installation at Sea Spray Caravan Park of 2,000m2 took less than one week to install and was carried out in time for a busy Easter long weekend. 

Gravel Cell®