Atlantis Corporation Australia

Permeable Car & Trailer Park

26.10.21 01:30 AM By Isabel

Snapper Creek Car Park was developed as an environmentally friendly permeable car park. As such the Atlantis® Turf Cell™ and Atlantis® Gravel Cell™ systems were chosen, to provide gravel driveways and grass parking areas, thus preventing compaction of the soil and to protect the grass and to stabilize the gravel and provide a permeable car park. 

The parking areas were divided into car only parking and car & trailer parking. The area, consisting of natural sandy material, was excavated to a depth of 300mm, and a tensar grid was placed into the excavation and the excavated material placed back on top of the tensar grid and compacted. 

A layer of 100mm of gravel was then place on the areas where the Atlantis® Gravel Cell™ modules were to be used and the Atlantis® Gravel cell™ modules positioned thereon and filled with gravel. The Atlantis® Turf Cell™ modules were installed and filled with soil and then the area was grass seeded; no turf was used. The project was completed in mid 2014 and was at that stage semi grassed and in use.

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