Atlantis Corporation Australia

Wall Panels for Seeping Walls

17.08.21 12:13 AM By Isabel

Application: 30mm Atlantis Wall Panels

Project Location: Redland Bay, QLD - Australia

Project Details: Seeping Walls

Project Completion: June 2011

A property in Redland Bay QLD was having water seeping through the walls of the lower part of the property, which was below ground level.

A trench was excavated to expose the walls which were below ground level, and the walls were allowed to dry out.

A waterproof membrane was affixed to the wall and Atlantis® Flo- pipe® geotextile wrapped perforated pipes were clicked together and laid on top of the lower fold of the water proof membrane.

A run of Atlantis® Flo-cell® drainage cells was sat on the perforated pipes and taped to the waterproof membrane, to extend along the length of the trench. The run of drainage cells was covered in hydrophilic geotextile and the trench filled in with compacted gravel. 

The water proof membrane formed a barrier to prevent water from contacting the walls of the property, while the 30mm drainage cell formed an air gap to relieve any hydrostatic pressure on the water proof membrane. Any water entering the drainage cell falls into the perforated pipe where it is taken away. This arrangement has been used, literally, thousands of time to overcome or prevent this seepage problem.