Atlantis Corporation Australia

Flo Arch®

Modular Vaulted Pipeline System

  • Underground tanks that can be easily cleaned and maintained
  • Flo-Arch® provides Atlantis tanks with new design possibilities
  • Atlantis Flo-Arch® redefines modular tank systems with excellent linear access and high flow rates
  • The Atlantis Flo-Arch® is an ideal companion product to the Atlantis Flo-Tank® and Flo-Channel® systems providing designers with new design possibilities


  • Linear access
  • Can be designed according to your requirements
  • Improved hydraulic performance
  • Compatible with existing Flo-Tank® systems
  • Ideal for large commercial jobs


  • Quick Install 
  • Modular Free of maintenance 
  • High infiltration 
  • Structurally strong

Atlantis Flo Arch® Specifications

Atlantis Flo Arch® Installations

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