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For underground drainage & channel applications

Ecological Channels

Atlantis ecological channels systems are used to capture and filter water at the source. The clean water can then be transported or dispersed into the ground. Many applications include biological filtration channels.

The Atlantis Flo-Channel® is a high flow rate structural modular channel system that provides designers with an effective product to facilitate the deisgn of sustainable urban drainage applications and address water quality.

The Atlantis Flo-Channel® and the ability to move water at a high flow rate is ideal for sustainable urban drainage applications such as swales, bio filters, trench drainage and many more applications.

The Flo-Channel ® is a rigid product constructed from 4 exterior panels and either 3, 4, 5, 7 or 9 interior stabilisers that vary the strength of the modules to suit the deign life of the project. The design enables loads to be applied from all angles with an even distribution of loads applied to the modules.

The product is modular in nature and can be scaled for the application providing engineers with flexiblility in design.

Water Quality

Atlantis modular tank systems excel when there is a requirement to achieve high water quality, particularly in the effective removal of nutrients and gross pollutants. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, the sub -surface location of the tank system provides more useable ground area and enhanced aesthetic setting compared to above ground concrete or plastic tanks.

The Modular Advantage

Atlantis modular tank system performance supersedes outdated aggregate trenches. The Atlantis system provides a void space of over 90% compared to less than 20% in typical aggregate trenches. Consequently, with a smaller footprint the Atlantis system achieves the same storage capacity as an aggregate trench. This saves time and money in installation and civil works costs. The lightweight design of Atlantis® modular tank modules also make installation quicker, safer and cheaper. No sediment build up occurs in the Atlantis system, unlike the clogging that is characteristic of aggregate based approaches.


  • Underground Storm water Channels
  • Drainage

Atlantis Flo-Channel® Specifications

Atlantis Flo-Channel®  Installations

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