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Modular Underground Tank System

Efficient rainwater management

Atlantis Flo-Tank® is a lightweight modular tank structural system designed to cleanly capture rainwater at the source and release it in a controlled manner according to soil permeability levels.

This modular system allows the construction of water reservoirs of unlimited capacity, in multiple shapes and depths, in order to adjust to the demands of the terrain and geometry of the project.

When the outer surface of the tank is wrapped with PVC or Polyethylene membranes, watertight underground volumes are created that store water to be used later in irrigation, commercial, residential or industrial reuse, or even in fire fighting networks.

This alternative for the storage and sustainable management of water becomes a very dynamic and profitable system through which it is possible to obtain high storage and buffer capacities.

This system was designed to collect surface water through an infiltration system that cleans and filters the collected water before it is used to recharge the aquifers and groundwater levels and at the same time, provides moisture to the vegetation that It is located around the tank.
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  • Infiltration / absorption tanks 
  • Rainwater collection tanks 
  • Rainwater retention / Attenuation tanks / In-situ retention (O.S.D)
  • Underground rainwater channels
  • Drainage underground 
  • Light structural fill

  • Quick Install
  • Modular
  • Free of maintenance
  • High infiltration
  • Structurally strong

Atlantis Flo-Tank® Installations

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