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   Gravel Cell®   

 Permeable Gravel Pavement

Gravel Reinforcement Grid

Atlantis Gravel Cell® gravel pavement reinforcement are permeable joint structures that allow water infiltration and form a robust, strong and durable surface, suitable for high traffic areas, driveways and parking lots.


  • Roads
  • Residential streets
  • Vehicle or boat ramps

Increases water catchment areas in all types of projects

The Gravel Cell® can also be used for the construction of gutters and drainage channels, to collect and absorb rainwater in underground channels, for water recycling or the recharge of aquifers and water tables.

Cost Benefits

The installation and maintenance of Gravel Cell® paver provides enormous cost savings when compared to bitumen or concrete systems. The sub-base required for Gravel Cell® paver is equal to or less than the sub-base required for concrete or bitumen.
The reduction of the traditional storm water drains required by impermeable parking lots provides an immediate cost saving when installing Gravel Cell®  pavers for the same application.

Case Studies

Atlantis Gravel Cell® Specifications

Atlantis Gravel Cell® Installations

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