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Sustainable Infiltration System

Efficient rainwater management

Flo Log®
Flo Pipe®

Quick and Effective Water Infiltration

The system drains excess water efficiently while retaining an optimal moisture level, ideal for promoting grass or plant growth, such as in green roof applications.

Strong Structural Design

This product was structurally designed for use in complex water infiltration applications.

Versatile Design

The drainage system products can be installed vertically and horizontally and are easy to configure to meet project specifications.

Biological Resistance

This product has indefinite resistance against biological contaminants.

Lightweight Structure

No cranes or loading equipment required.

The Atlantis drainage system is our company's icon system, created in 1986 to facilitate the use of green roofs on roofs and walls of buildings, solves the disadvantage of adding a heavy structure to support plants and provides a method of effective water filtration. Our products have become a standard for the construction and landscaping industry, because it represents a structurally strong system, with a highly effective drain, within a lightweight structure.

The wide range of Atlantis Flo-Cell®, Flo-Wall®, Flo Log® and, Flo Pipe® products make this system versatile and suitable for many applications, including drainage systems for water infiltration of sports fields, civil works, retaining walls, concrete slabs, vegetated parking lots, pavement drainage and landscaping applications.

The system is also designed for Sustainable Urban Water Design (WSUD) applications and provides an ideal solution to increase the permeability of surface areas by reducing flow over the ground, facilitating recharge of groundwater.

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