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Sustainable Water Management

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Efficient Rainwater Management

The Atlantis Modular Tanks are surface and groundwater infiltration systems, capable of replacing old ditches or infill infiltration ponds collecting clean water to be reused and re-entered into traditional water systems. This is a highly efficient option for rainwater management on any type of soil.

Higher water quality

The system cleans the water of contaminants and maintains it in a condition suitable for human consumption.

Greater storage capacity

Atlantis Modular Tanks provide an empty space of more than 90% compared to 20% obtained by traditional infiltration methods. This mean the system can deliver greater storage capacity with a much smaller environmental footprint, also, it does not allow the accumulation of sediments, which marks an important difference with respect to the characteristic plugging that occurs in traditional wells.

Largest usable area

Placing the tanks underground provides a larger usable area and improves the range of aesthetic options for the project, compared to concrete or plastic tanks that are typically located above ground.

Save time and money

The lightweight design of the Atlantis Modular Tanks allows for faster, safer and economical installation. 

Accumulation, capture and infiltration of rainwater.

During the events of storms and heavy rains, large amounts of contaminated water and rain are generated, this fact, together with the increase in the construction of new real estate projects in urban, commercial and industrial sectors, increase the risk of flooding. This risk becomes a big problem when this rainwater is not properly managed, and the rainwater collection infrastructure is overwhelmed.

The cities will benefit from the installation of our collection tanks in their new projects. The retention tanks on site attenuate the flow of rainwater and reduce the pressure of the existing rainwater infrastructure in the area, in addition to collecting water for later uses.
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