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2010: Under Decking Drainage

06.06.21 11:18 PM By Isabel - Comment(s)
2010: Under Decking Drainage
To provide a drain under pavers, one simply lays a full layer of Atlantis® 52mm drainage cell clipped together on a slab and then simply sits the pavers on top thereof butted together.

2013: Silkstone State School Parking Bays

31.03.21 04:34 AM By Isabel - Comment(s)
2013: Silkstone State School Parking Bays

  • Application: 52mm Gravel Cell

  • Location: Observatory Hill Sydney 

  • Time: September 2017 

  • Details: Replacement of the Pathways at the Sydney Observatory

StoneSet was called upon by MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) to help solve a few problems they were having with their paving; t...