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2010: Under Decking Drainage

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2010: Under Decking Drainage
To provide a drain under pavers, one simply lays a full layer of Atlantis® 52mm drainage cell clipped together on a slab and then simply sits the pavers on top thereof butted together.

2014 2017: Gro-Wall Installed by Green Cities

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2014 2017: Gro-Wall Installed by Green Cities
  • Application: Gro-Wall.
  • Location: Adelaide.
  • Time: 2014 - 2-17.

Create a pocket of greenery in the city with up to $10,000 in matched grant funding.

Help make the city a cooler and more attractive place with a grant from Council’s new $200,000 Green City Grant

Greening projects must be visible from...

2017: Worldwide Gro-Wall® System

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2017: Worldwide Gro-Wall® System

Application: Gro-Wall® 4.5 & Gro-Wall® Slim Pro

  • Location: Ostrava the Czech Republic
  • Time: Sep 2017
  • Details: Vertical Gardens in the Show Room of Graseko s.r.o.


The Atlantis vision is to create ecologically sustainable cities and communities, by integrating urban developmen...

2013: Residential Green Wall

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2013: Residential Green Wall
  • Application: Gro-Wall 4.5
  • Location: Brisbane
  • Time: March 2013
  • Details: Two Way Facing Vertical Garden


Customer had a bench seat on a corner of his back verandah. It was decided to have...